“I would advise any business owner, whether times are troubled or prosperous, to study and apply the lessons Bob demonstrates.”

-T. Boone Pickens

What Does it Take to Strengthen a Business?

For over 50 years, Bob has made a habit of taking over completely broke, failing businesses and making them profitable. The trick to turning the tables for 77 companies across multiple industries has been the same.

His book, Strengthen Your Business, doesn’t contain “Hype”, Ratios, Concepts, or Theory, but instead practical steps that can be implemented in any business today, right now, without cost.

“In 77 turnarounds, I’ve never failed.  Those are my credentials”

-Bob Bethel

Turning around a failing business can feel like trying to stop a runaway train. But no matter what industry you’re in, becoming profitable isn’t impossible. In fact, it isn’t even complex. Companies in any field can be revived – and Bob Bethel can show you how.

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What People Are Saying About Bob

I have known Bob all his life. Bob cleaned up several businesses that Glen Roberts and I owned twenty-five years ago. He returned all of them to profitability. He knows how to make a profit. He works well with bankers on problem loans. You will pleased with his performance.

JEFF DYERChairman, First American National Bank Knoxville, Tennessee, and former Tennessee Banking Commissioner

I have known him all his life. He has worked on a number of our special-asset loans and has always done a good job. I have a lot of respect for his ability. He understands real estate as well as operating businesses. If you put him in charge of this credit, you will have my vote.

PAT HARRISONVice Chairman, Sovran Bank, Nashville, Tennessee

Bob has purchased several properties from us in recently bought a large apartment complex in Birmingham, Alabama, which was in default. In six months he had it back in the black. He is currently working with a number of my distressed properties. He does what he says.

JOHN ZOLTYHead of Southeastern Property, Aetna Realty Investments, Inc., Hartford, Connecticut

I have known Bob since the REIT crash of the 1970s when I was with Chase in New York. He has done several deals with me here in Dallas. He’s sharp, understands the parts of a deal, and gets it done in short order.

PATRICK DOOLEYExecutive Vice President, Texas Commerce Bank, Dallas, Texas

The author has distilled a half century of business experience into a fundamental system that can benefit anyone in a leadership role. I have witnessed Bob Bethel utilize his methodology on failing businesses which resulted in rapid improvement that led to outstanding success each time. This book describes real situations to help the reader identify issues that could affect their own businesses and then offers simple directions on how to steer clear of, get out of, and stay out of trouble. If you own a business, anticipate starting one, or have managerial responsibilities, I highly encourage that you read and apply the wisdom contained in Strengthen Your Business.

Kenny RamseyPresident/CEO - Monticello Banking Company
I just want to say thank you for writing this book! I read your book and implemented your advice in my business practices and have seen a complete turn around! It is so rewarding to see the financial improvements we have made and I can’t wait to see how great we can do. When is the next book coming out?! I will be waiting. Thank you again!
Karla Stephen, MDCenter for Anti-Aging MedSpa, Lexington, KY



Interested in having Bob speak at your next event, retreat or banquet? Whether it is a crowd of 10 or 1,000, Bob is sure to offer valuable insight, entertain and make your gathering a success.

Business Consulting

Whether your business is thriving or sinking, Bob’s business consulting services can help get your company to the next level. Customers have the option to do on-site consultation or by phone. No matter if you are an emerging entrepreneur or a small- to medium-sized business, Bob will take the time to research and provide valuable feedback to help strengthen your business.


A workshop event is a great way for clients with multiple locations to come together and learn the techniques laid out in Strengthen Your Business. The perfect setting for franchises, banks, and larger companies with multiple fronts and management levels, the workshop will allow for the entire company to be on the same page.

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