INTERVIEW: Veteran Turnaround Expert Robert Thomas Bethel On: THE NUMBER ONE REASON MOST BUSINESSES FAIL

For the entirety of his professional career in business advisory, Robert Thomas Bethel has had a knack for identifying the pain points of an under-performing or struggling business. Having successfully owned and operated various businesses across the southern United States for the past fifty years, counseling other business owners on turning a profit was only a natural fit. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of running a thriving company, the inspiration behind his book, Strengthen Your Business: Fail-Proof Strategies From The Man Who Has Rescued 77 Businesses [Lioncrest Publishing, September 12, 2017], stems from witnessing other business owners’ struggles, and a desire to step in and turn things around.

“The biggest nightmare for any business owner is to see their venture fail,” says Bethel. “Over the course of several decades, I have worked with countless entrepreneurs, company founders, and industry professionals that may seem to have very little in common initially. But what I’ve found is that each and every one of them wants the same thing: to live a good life of happiness and purpose.

“With a focused mindset and the right tools, the dream each business owner starts out with upon founding their new venture can become a reality,” continues Bethel. “The path to maintaining a healthy business becomes clearly outlined once the issues, both internal and external, jeopardizing success are uncovered and the plan to get back on track to profitability is set in place. Neither is always an easy task, but appropriate industry knowledge and key understandings of business operation are crucial to making it happen.”

Bethel takes a practical approach to business advisory rather than an inspirational one, focusing on the fundamentals of what makes a business profitable. Having maintained an extraordinary record of taking over businesses to steer them on the right path, his breadth and depth of knowledge is applicable to virtually any industry.

In an insightful, candid and eye-opening interview, Bethel can discuss:

  • His experience turning around 77 businesses and guiding them toward the road of profitability
  • The number one reason most businesses fail, and the type of mindset entrepreneurs should possess prior to launching their own venture
  • The three most important things a business owner should do to keep their business from failing
  • Why now, more than ever, is the perfect time to follow your dreams and start your own business—so long as you do it correctly
  • The realization that even owners of thriving businesses may not have a solid growth strategy, and when adjustments to your business model are necessary

Robert Thomas Bethel is the orchestrator of seventy-seven business turnarounds over the past fifty years. Early successes and troubles in his own professional career inspired his passion for taking over struggling businesses and guiding them towards the road of profitability. Bethel has turned around companies in various industriesfrom restaurant chains to engineering firmsand has helped save over ten thousand jobs as a result of his strategic business counsel. A graduate of the Owen Graduate Source Out Code School at Vanderbilt University, Bethel owns several companies across the southern United States and has operated white label web design businesses both nationwide and internationally. He is an Eagle Scout and, in addition to counseling, also spends times teaching three-day seminars on best business practices throughout the country. He currently resides in Orange Beach, Alabama with his wife, Reese.

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Strengthen Your Business will become available for pre-order on Amazon September 1st. The book will release September 12, 2017.

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